Tecno & Vogue tim111333777 November 18, 2023
Fashion and Technology Fusion

Tecno x Vogue

Project Overview
20 January 2021

Event Coverage and Promotion


Fashion and Technology

  • Covering 2023 London Fashion Week
  • Emphasizing fashion-tech fusion
  • Showcasing CAMON 20 Premier 5G camera
Project Background:

In the dynamic world of technology and fashion, TECNO is a trailblazer, committed to revolutionizing contemporary aesthetic design and cutting-edge portrait photography.

Marketing Objectives: In an era where fashion increasingly emphasizes individual emotions and expressions over clothing itself, TECNO has astutely recognized this shift. With a vision to pioneer the trend of “emotional” photography supported by innovative technology, the brand aims to use the prestigious platform of “International Fashion Week” as a launchpad.

Key Highlights of the Execution: In a captivating collaboration, TECNO partners with the eminent fashion authority, the American edition of “VOGUE.” Together, they delve deep into the backstage world of the 2023 London Fashion Week, crafting an enthralling visual narrative under the banner of #Style in Motion.

In doing so, TECNO not only shares the profound impact of mobile photography on the fashion industry but also forges a deep and intimate connection between fashion and individual emotions, using the universal language of photography.

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