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Newborn Clothing Brand


Project Overview
20 January 2021


  • Logo Development
  • VI Design/ Brand Asset
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging Guidelines
  • Website Development
  • Tmall Development
  • Overseas Social Media
Empowering Motherhood through Innovation and Comfort

Our client, Infansy’s is a technology-driven maternity brand dedicated to delivering a premium experience to mothers and babies. Their focus lies in ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of both mothers and infants through cutting-edge technology and the use of environmentally friendly fabrics. Infansy’s mission is to simplify pregnancy and enable women to embrace the beauty of this unique phase.


  • Define a core brand value that encompasses both product lines—maternity and baby. This will allow us to establish a unified brand positioning and slogan that seamlessly integrates both product categories.
  • Organize and structure each product line category to create a tech-driven maternity and baby wear brand that emphasizes close-to-skin comfort and innovation, setting it apart from ordinary clothing brands.
  • While unifying the two product lines, enhance the overall brand image and all designs. This includes a logo upgrade and the development of a comprehensive VI-Visual Identity system to refresh the brand’s image. Our ultimate goal is to capture the minds of consumers, driving future growth in sales and brand value.

MOSO partnering with Infansy's, a visionary technology-driven maternity brand on a mission to redefine comfort and innovation for mothers and babies. Our collaboration aimed at unifying the brand's identity, enhancing its product lines, and refreshing the overall brand image.

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