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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

A brilliant brand is often simple, while it tells a unique story that’s both memorable and inspiring, the siren’s calling, or one man’s dream. Outstanding branding solutions connect with your customer on an emotional level to create brand loyalty.

Defining such a compelling brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. Statistically speaking, 46% of entrepreneurs find it difficult to position a new brand, while 21% of them consider it time-consuming to develop a successful brand presence.

MOSO holds the belief that we are the solid force behind you to help build your original and outstanding brand by creating an unforgettable Brand image that is guided by a focused strategy to increase your notoriety and brand value in China.

At MOSO, we pride ourselves on providing clients multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, innovative, and logistical solutions in a top-notch way to deliver unique products.

Make it simple but significant.




上海莫书品牌策划中心,正是秉承着化为您背后坚实力量、缔造打动人心品牌的信念,以清晰明了的工作流程和简单轻松的沟通合作为您提供 0-1 品牌构建、广告战役,和全方位品牌设计及传播解决方案。我们根植于高度发展的中国市场,以国际视野与多元文化融合提供创新品牌策划与设计解决方案,以科学品牌策略统筹多方位品牌构建与输出,与您共同打造维护具有鲜明核心价值与个性、丰富情感联想、高品牌记忆度、高溢价能力、和高价值感的未来强势品牌。


Who’s MOSO?

I established MOSO branding business in 2019 after 18 years of working for top-tier agencies and corporations as a creative professional that’s tenured in advertising, brand design, and corporate communications fields. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications from China, and two professional certificates in Business Management and Marketing from the United States. We embrace challenges at work and in life. We welcome new team members around the globe to collaborate, create, and change.

Aria Feng
CEO & Founder

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