The MOSO way of working on Employer Branding

Through years of relevant work, testing, and improvement, we know that if we follow these guidelines, it will bring our clients a powerful employer brand that we have always dreamed of and an employer that candidates and employees deeply wish for. When we assist clients with the Employer Branding (EB) process, everything we do will always be Human, Purposeful, and Consistent.
As an employer, what you sell is not a lifestyle or even a dream, but a reality. To get them to choose you, talents need to feel that they have seen the reality and that the content is real. The way of telling stories will attract them. It is the most authentic and attractive way to use your employees instead of the company spokesperson who does not show up.
Today, when trying to build a brand and communication in an increasingly noisy digital environment, the content you publish needs to be valuable. We will not make worthless noise, we will create content with clear goals and convey the information that the target talents want to see, and make sure that your messages are niche and specific, but still resonates with the audience who sees them.
We need to build an employer brand based on the Global Guidelines and centered on the Employer Value Proposition (EVP), to guide all the promotion & communications of EB. Each output can demonstrate the unique value, culture, and pursuit of the EB, make sure that every tweet or activity is added to the EB and accumulated to improve the employer brand equity; The correct and unified application of standardized brand tonality can make EB promotion achieve twice the result with half the effort.
How do we create a Content Strategy for Employer Branding & WeChat Official Accounts?
1.    Review the Client’s Talent Insights
Strategic Planning begins by reviewing employers’ talent reports to understand clients’ current opportunities.
2.    Review Current EVP, Guidelines & Priorities
Review current Employer Value Proposition (EVP), corporate Brand Guidelines, and priorities to ensure brand consistency.
3.    Review Competitor Activities & Possible Approaches
Research competitors to understand their strategies and the performance of their successful WeChat Official Account for recruitment.
4.    Identify Strategy
Determine your overall strategy for the WeChat Official Account (OA) for recruitment based on the target audience.
5.    Identify Tiered Communication
We integrate EVP, corporate Mission, Vision, Values, and Job Postings in our content output.
6.    Identify Seasonal Theme
Draft content themes that incorporate various festivals and possibly generate topical themes to create more readability and engagement.
7.    Identify Tonality
If the enterprise were a person, how would he/she talk and what would he/she look like? We regulate copywriting and visual tonality to enhance brand personality and image.


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