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High-Tech Enterprise Brand Innovation | 高新科技医疗企业品牌构建

United InnoMed is the global leader in novel device therapies and solutions for heart failure that has obtained financing for entrepreneurship. We are responsible for the company’s 0-1 corporate brand innovation, including corporate Brand strategy, Brand Visual Identity, and office (3,000 square meters) environmental wall design. As a result, we have tailored an international cutting-edge medical device corporate image for the client, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the company.

‘Secret of Clean’ Brand Innovation | 精致洗涤品牌构建

Delicate laundry cleanser client: Secret of Clean found MOSO to help them achieve Brand 0-1 creation. We helped the brand with Consumer Insights, Brand Strategy, Logo development, Product design, and Visual Identity development. The brand’s high-cold minimalist style breaks the general tonality of similar products on the market, making it stand out with a strong memorable style and competitive pricing.

Innovative Underwear for Maternity and Baby| 创新母婴穿戴品牌升级

As one of the key steps to enter the global market, we helped the brand Infansy’s transformed the traditional maternity and baby clothing business into a more interactive and compelling brand-driven category. We successfully created new branding and upgraded brand guidelines that set up a solid foundation for its new product developments, branded portfolio, and new communication style guided by a more precise and focused brand positioning. This project has won the 2022 China Topdigital Innovation Award.

OpenCorp Brand Innovation | ‘组知’互联网企业品牌构建

OpenCorp is a start-up internet company aiming to build a transparent high-tech HR online platform. From naming to logo development, strategy to visual identity system, we successfully constructed the brand both verbally and visually to fulfill the founders’ vision.

Specialty Coffee Brand Design | 精品咖啡品牌设计

Pourjar aims to provide the “crème of the corps” beverage to our dear customers, by building close relationships with the necessary stakeholders in the supply chain from the farmers, producers, dealers & exporters, brand builders, all the way to the retailers, and the end consumers. We choose to work and establish relationships with stakeholders and from there we can understand their situation firsthand, and we also can push for profit sharing to be done as fairly as possible. A percentage of our profit goes to farmers’ family support programs.

Maternity Center Brand Design|全概念月子品牌设计

With a modern positioning of naturalism, simplicity, and customization, we were keen to help SimpleHeaven bring new concepts to the current maternity center market. From brand strategy to store experience, we conveyed the idea that every child as an individual is born unique and deserves equality and the best possible start in life.

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