How does MOSO Branding & Creative Impact people’s lives through business

First of all, it is a great honor to introduce one of MOSO’s clients Tom CHIK, and his startup premiere coffee brand PourJar (破渣), the reason that PourJar has been particularly introduced is because of the significance, MOSO and its client PourJar have collaboratively achieved, is further beyond their everyday business.

Tom CHIK is an experienced businessman from Hong Kong with decades of experience in developing and implementing consumer and enterprise smart solutions. His brand, PourJar, aims to provide the ‘crème of the corps’ beverages to their customers, by building close relationships with the necessary stakeholders in the supply chain from the farmers, producers, dealers & exporters, brand builders, all the way to the retailers and the terminal consumers.

To go back to our topic, it is necessary to once again look at the global charity works that PourJar is doing, which are connected with the core values of PourJar: sustainability, integrity, and happiness, these are also what we are going to mainly emphasize. According to the client’s plan, a percentage of PourJar’s profit goes to farmers’ family support programs. 

The raw materials of the coffee that PourJar produces, the fair-trade coffee beans, are directly purchased from Ethiopian coffee farmers. So, profits from sales of home-roasted coffee will go directly to Ethiopia to improve people’s living conditions there.

After learning about the situation in Ethiopia, we are willing to do something as possible as we can. We can build a website to sell the coffee online, make money, and help Ethiopian kids access clean water. We aim at bringing opportunities to more people in Ethiopia. Our goal is to create long-term sustainability and break the cycle of poverty and waterborne diseases through clean water, sanitization and education. When a community has clean water, sanitization, and education, it will thrive. Ultimately, we hope that no kids anywhere live without clean water and other basic needs.

In fact, what we can help them achieve is more than just clean water, because access to clean water impacts life overall, the lack of basic needs perpetuates the cycle of poverty, and many Ethiopian kids are unable to attend school because they have to walk great distances to just collect water. Fewer than half of Ethiopian kids are able to go to elementary school. In addition, there are depressing statistics on child mortality in Ethiopia, many kids are even unable to live to be five years old, and one child dies every hour from diseases due to poor sanitation. We wish this number could be zero and to see prosperous families and communities. We also wish no one would struggle to have access to basic needs. By providing more people with clean water, getting more kids in school, and getting more families out of poverty, we can do is to change more lives.

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